Sandbox Loader is a new addition to the collection of tools available in Enabler for Excel.

It allows you to quickly move a subset of records of one or several objects from one Salesforce org to another preserving all the relationships of the original records.

Note: Person Accounts are not currently supported by the tool. If you have them enabled in your org, please do not attempt to load Accounts, it will fail.

To start using Sandbox Loader you first need to set up the login information for the two Salesforce orgs you will work with. If you had used Enabler for Excel previously to log in to these orgs, you don't have to do anything - all your previous logins will be automatically imported and ready to use.

If it's your first time using Enabler you will need to set up at least two logins: one for the org you will be copying the data from (source org, usually it's your Production environment), and one for the org you will be copying your data to (target org, usually a developer sandbox that you want to fill with data).

To enter your login information, click Settings, and then Logins tab. The following dialog box will be displayed:

Using edit fields of this dialog box you can fill out login information for your first Salesforce org, click Verify to make sure the login information is correct, and then click Add to add the login to the list of available logins. All login information enetered in this dialog automatically becomes available in Enabler's main Log In dialog box.

To start moving your data you will need to click Sandbox Loader in Enabler's ribbon, select your source org from the list of available orgs and click Log In.

Select the object(s) that you want to move and add it to the list of Selected objects. In the screenshot above we chose to move only records of the Opportunity object.

Click Next or simply click on the Go tab get to the next screen:

Select the target org (that is the one the data will copied to)

Warning: never select your Production organization as the target for data copy!

Batch size - the batch size for the Insert operation that will be performed on all selected objects. The maximum value for this setting is 200.

No. of records to insert - this is the size of the subset of data that you want to move. Most sandboxes have a size limit, so be careful to not move too many records to fit in the target sandbox.

All fields - you can uncheck this box to specify only specific fields to move. However, it is not recommended since some of the fields may be required and you'll end up with Insert failures if you omit a required field.

Load related records - by checking this box you're asking the system to move not only records of the object you had specified in the previous screen, but also all related records. E.g. if you chose to copy 20 Opportunities from your Production org to a sandbox, checking this box will also move all related Accounts, as well as any other records that these opportunities happen to have a Lookup relationship to.

Click Finish to start copying your data.