• 'Ignore blank values' option is now available in the Settings dialog. If checked - values in Salesforce will not be nulled in case of a blank value in Excel.
  • In the Upsert dialog, you can now select the External Id field that will be mapped to your External Id column. This will let you choose only from the list of Ext. Id fields and facilitate in finding the right field to map the Ext. Id column to.
  • Fields are now sorted alphabetically in the Get Data dialog.
  • You can now choose from the available picklist values for all pick lists directly in the Excel spreadsheet. This is only available if you use the Get Data dialog to pull data, and if the 'Enforce pick list values' box is checked.
  • GetServerURL() VBA call has been added to the VBA interface and will return the URL of the server you're currently logged in to.
  • Field Utilization tool now works correctly.
  • When putting data into an existing worksheet, the worksheet retains it's original name.
  • If you were experiencing problems when updating records with empty values, please upgrade to this version, nulling of fields now works correctly for Update and Upsert operations.
  • A newly introduced problem with being unable to update values of Date and DateTime types has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to specify Contact and Account Ids for the Convert Leads operation.
Version (thanks to our users for valuable feedback!):
  • Convert Leads dialog now allows to have a column with convert statuses to be able to specify custom convert statuses.
  • When importing/exporting login information, the data is now html-encoded/decoded
Lots of great updates in version
  • Insert/Update/Upsert operations completely redesigned for better performance.
  • Mass Convert Leads is now available!
  • Download data into any spot on your spreadsheet, not necessary starting from column 1 row 1
  • Each tab in your spreadsheet now remembers the object name, mappings, and all other selections after you set them up once. And these settings travel with your spreadsheet.
  • It is now possible to import and export login information to/from an xml file (compatible with the Force.com LOGINS Chrome Add-on)
  • Sandbox Loader tool has been moved out of the tool to be enhanced and will be available as a stand-alone tool soon.
  • If you are running on either version or please upgrade immediately, as we've discovered that after moving to api v.33 the tool lost the ability to log in to Sandboxes. It has been fixed in this version.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • The tool now supports API version 33.0.
  • It is now possible to save mappings to an sdl file from the Mapping dialog.
  • You can now keep an audit log of your operations in a separate spreadsheet. To enable oprations logging to a spreadsheet check the corresponding box in the Logging tab of the tool Settings.
  • The bug when date values where sometimes pulled incorrectly over SOQL (-1 day) has been fixed.
  • This version contains a fix to the problem when pulling reports in the recently released version. If you downloaded or upgraded Enabler4Excel during the last two weeks, please upgrade to this version, your reports will be fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Sandbox Loader tool is now available for quick and easy loading of data to Developer orgs. The feature is still in Beta, please send all your comments and suggestions to support@enabler4excel.com
  • Log in names management page has been added to the Settings dialog
  • The remaining amount of days for both trial and commercial licenses is now displayed in the About box.
  • A bug where in DateTime values time was shown incorrectly (e.g. 02:00 instead of 14:00) for european orgs when running reports has been fixed.
  • Other stability enhancements.
  • It is now possible to specify batch sizes for Bulk API operations in the tool's Settings.
  • Problem with Bulk operations of more than 10,000 rows has been fixed.
  • You can now set up your time zone offset in the Settings dialog. By default the value is set to your current GMT offset.
  • Site-wide licensing is now supported. Receive your single site license number and use it accross your organization. We'll only bill you for the copies you use
  • Refresh information is now saved inside the spreadsheet so that it's possible to refresh data even if the spreadsheet is opened on a different computer than the data was pulled at.
  • When pulling reports, footers will not appear in the spreadsheet
  • Report refreshing has been enhanced, no messages suggesting to clear the spreadsheet anymore, only the data part of the report is refreshed, cells outside of the data remain intact
  • New Setting in the Settings Dialog: Clear Worksheet Before Refresh
  • Minor bug fixes
  • On some systems the active workbook was not initialized when creating a new worksheet due to timing issues resulting in loss of functionality. This is fixed now.
  • The Auto-refresh query box is on by default now to avoid confusion that led people to believe query builder was not working.
  • Problems some users were having with cells selection have been fixed
  • Bulk DML operations are now supported
  • Delete/Insert/Update/Upsert All actually selects the range that will be dealt with
  • Delete dialog optimized for better performance with large data sets
  • The number of errors occured during a DML operation will now be reported
  • GetMetadata VBA call now has an additional parameter: members, which let's you pull standard objects along with custom ones
  • When pulling reports without footers (if footers are disabled in salesforce) the report name comes through correctly
  • The registration step is now completely automated
  • User interface and usability enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Refreshing of reports now does not delete pivot tables.
  • 15 to 18 characters Id conversion now works correctly.
  • Report search functionality fix
  • Better logging of errors in case of any underlying Office incompatibilities are present.
  • GetMetadata call is now available to call from VBA, you can get any type of metadata files from Salesforce using this call. Look here for syntax.
  • When running automatic update you may be asked to install .NET framework version 4.5. The auto-updater was accidentally built targeting the latest version, which is not necessary. If you don't want to update your system to .NET version 4.5 you can simply uninstall Enabler manually, download the latest version from our web site and install it. If you go ahead and install .NET 4.5 as your system will suggest - the updater will run and update your version of Enabler4Excel successfully next time you run Excel. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Automatic app update is now supported. No downloading/uninstalling/installing of the new versions any more!
  • On rare occasions Excel could crash if Refresh button was pressed immedeately after running a report. This is fixed now
  • Upsert using a parent object foreign key is now correctly supported
  • Query results that contain a lot of empty values in DateTime and Number type columns are not processed slowly any more
  • Queries like "Select Id, (Select Id,Name From Opportunities) From Account" are now working correctly
  • API version 31.0 is now supported
  • We have made a decision to make the tool commercial starting from this version. All customers that downloaded the tool before July 29th 2014 will be grand-fathered in and will be able to use the tool for free for 6 months. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ANY VERSION GREATER THAN IF YOU WISH TO ENJOY THE FREE VERSION OF Enabler4Excel
  • BREAKING CHANGE! The login names and passwords are now associated separately with every server name, i.e. you will have a separate set of logins in the drop down when you select each server. All will need to re-enter all your saved credentials.
  • BREAKING CHANGE! The Save Column Selections functionality has been reworked. Unfortunately you will lose all your saved selections. We appologize for the inconvenience, but there was no other way to fix problems in that module.
  • Login dialog box is now resizable and allows to see complete login names, no matter how long they are.
  • It is now possible to bulk delete reports from the Reports dialog of the tool. You need Modify All Data permission to do that though.
  • The Reports dialog now shows folder names where reports are located.
  • You can now clear the Usernames list by selecting Clear All from the drop-down
  • You can now specify the path were you want the report to be put in the RunReport VBA call
  • Other minor fixes
  • Select/Deselect All option is now available in the Mapping dialog
  • Ability to load Data Loader Mapping files (.sdl) in the Mapping dialog
  • Cancel button behavior is synchronized across all dialogs
  • Other minor fixes
  • Automatic log in to Salesforce.com on Excel start is now available
  • It's now possible to specify external Ids on foreign key relationships during upsert operation
  • Ability to put a report into exising worksheet
  • UI and usability enhancements
  • Update command is available from VBA. Syntax:
    string Refresh([bool all])
    Updates the active worksheet if no parameters are specified, or all worksheets if you pass True to the function
    Returns null if completed successfully, or errors as a string in case of a failure.
  • All ribbon buttons are now automatically disabled when you enter Edit mode.
    This is to bring the usability in line with other Excel ribbons.
  • SSO login is now correctly supported via Web Login
  • Cosmetic enhancements in some dialg boxes
  • Enhancements in handling of queries with multiple layers of relationship fields
  • Switching between label and API name does not change the selected object in Get Data dialog any more
  • Salesforce.com Professional and Group Editions are now supported!
  • European-formatted dates are now coming through correctly when pulling reports.
  • Alpha version of VBA access to the tool is available
  • Refresh All functionality is now available
  • Aggregate queries are now supported
This is a bug fix release taking care of several problems that where lingering there for a while. Version
  • The problem with Excel locking if you perform a query and then select the whole row has been fixed
  • Inability to insert/update/upsert values containing XML markup has been fixed
  • Incorrect pulling of reports when values contained CSV escape characters has been fixed
  • Updating of Salesforce.com data in a spreadsheet can now be initiated directly from the Excel ribbon.
  • It is now possible to update an existing spreadsheet with new data (Get Data dialog)
  • Get Data dialog returns values of their specific types (does not populate all cells as strings as before)
  • Relationship fields specified in a query (e.g. Opportunity__r.Account.Name, etc.) are now processed correctly and put into separate columns
Further Query Builder improvements in Enabler4Excel
  • SOQL syntax highlighting
  • Query formatting with tabs and new lines
  • Access to reports is now supported if you use Web Login
If you downloaded your version of Enabler4Excel between 11 pm EST Februry 14 and 1:45 pm EST February 15, you will need to update it to the version currently available for download. The version you have will crash if Get Data dialog is displayed the second time. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Enabler4Excel has been released, lots of Query Builder improvements in this release:
  • It is now possible to choose between automatic and manual query update
  • It is possible to append query from the Builder to the existing one thus enabling the user to build complex nested queries
  • It is now possible to grab a list of values (e.g. IDs) directly from the spreadsheet you're working with
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Identical reports and queries pulled from Salesforce.com do not overwrite the previous tab, but are put to a new tab instead
  • Bigger contols in the Get Data dialog to allow for longer field and object names
  • Several defects have been fixed
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • 2000-record limit on pulling reports has been removed
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Logging out of a session initiated by Web Login now works correctly
  • A problem with retrieving fields API names of which contain a 'from' word has been fixed
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • You can now hide/show read-only fields in the Mapping dialog
  • Insert, Update, and Upsert dialogs now have a box to enter the Assignment Rule Id. This is only used with Leads, Contacts, and Accounts and lets you specify a custom assignment rule for mass inserts/updates/upserts
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Read-only fields are now marked red and italic in the Mapping dialog
  • Stability enhancements
  • Installation now correctly installs pre-requisites on some x64 systems
  • Cosmetics
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Saving and loading of queries in the Get Data dialog is now supported.
  • You can now pull deleted and archived records using Get Data dialog. Just select the Queary All option before running the query
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • You can now alternatively log in using Salesforce.com Web Interface
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • You can now pull reports directly from Salesforce.com
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Field Utilization procedure has been optimized
  • VisualForce from Layout function can now generate both read-only and edit pages
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • You can now save the current selection of the Use checkboxes in the Mapping dialog, as well as load them back in
  • The last run query is now remembered separately for each worksheet. So if you want to refresh data in one of the worksheets, just click Get Data, the query will be pre-populated and you can run it immediately by clicking Execute
  • Insert, Upsert, and Update operations are now returning not only operation result, but also the ID of the inserted/upserted/updated record
  • Join dialog box allows to join two tables on the specified columns
  • A function for converting of 15-character Salesforce.com IDs to 18-character ones is now available
  • The currently logged-in user name is now displayed in the ribbon
Check out our new Wiki page! Please feel free to contribute!
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Convert page layouts to VisualForce pages with a new tool, which is now part of Enabler4Excel.
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Proxy can now be set in the add-on Settings.
  • Fixed Metadata API for pulling Layouts directly from Salesforce.
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • UPSERT button introduced to support the SFDC 'upsert' operation.
  • Tokens and passwords (optional) are now associated with login names and automatically filled out when login name is selected.
  • Analyze Layouts dialog now supports pulling layouts directly from Salesforce.
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Enhanced visual query editor in the GET dialog.
  • Ability to select multiple picklist values when building an IN or NOT IN condition of a WHERE filter in the GET dialog.
  • Correct building of date values in the WHERE filter of the GET dialog.
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Ability to select and remove multiple layouts in the Analyze Layouts dialog
  • Insert/Delete/Update results are now correctly populated against the right rows in case of validation errors
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Settings page introduced
  • Separate batch sizes for Insert, Update, and Delete operations can be now specified
  • Log file location is now customizable
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Last used query is remembered by the Get dialog
  • Data import up to 1,048,576 rows
  • Correct session timeout handling
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Usability and UI improvements
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Huge performance improvements across application
  • User interface is not locked in case of lengthy network operations
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Get, Insert, and Update of date/time values correctly uses the local UTC offset
  • Automatic mapping of columns has been enhanced with caching of already mapped ones
  • Full 2007 - 2013 Office compatibility
  • Full Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 compatibility
Enabler4Excel has been released
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Support button introduced
  • Ability to select the id column when deleting
  • Hidden rows are now not deleted
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Delete/Insert/Update Selected or All choice is now available
  • The results of each operation are now populated for all rows
Enabler4Excel has been released, here's what's new in this release:
  • Inserting/Updating of time and datetime values is now fixed and automatically converts from any time format to the one Salesforce understands
  • Mapping of columns is now provided for Insert and Update operations so that it is possible to use any column names in the spreadsheet, not just correct API field names as before
  • All columns are automatically mapped so in most cases the user doesn't have to care about the mappings
Enabler4Excel is your ultimate tool if you work with Salesforce.com data. Intuitive and easy to use, it allows you to retrieve any data you have access to in your Salesforce.com database, make your changes and push it back with just a couple of clicks. No CSV files, no hassle, and you have all the amazing tools of Microsoft Excel right at your fingertips: pivot tables, charts, formulae, lookups, etc.
You will save hours of your valuable time daily by not having to deal with the all the intricacies of data loading that other tools fail to automate.
Enabler4Excel is your gateway to the SFDC database available right from the Microsoft Excel ribbon.
Apart from standard CRUD (Create, Update, Delete) operations Enabler4Excel lets you do things not possible when using Salesforce.com natively:
  • Calculate field utilization percentage
  • Analyze layouts to understand what fields are visible where
  • Generate a VisualForce page based on an object layout
  • Intersect and Exclude using two columns of data
  • With TARALEX LLC being a Salesforce consultant, we are constantly expanding the tool to automate new things we normaly do manually
See our 5-star listing on Salesforce AppExchange

What our users say:

I especially love the 'Analyze Layouts' feature. The GUI is great and the ease of use couldn't be better.

Jeffrey Francis - www.jfrancisconsulting.com

As I have the opportunity, I'd just like to say a massive thank you for making the plugin available - it's a fantastic tool.

Al, a Enabler4Excel user from UK

This tool is just great!

Johan, an Enabler4Excel user from Singapore
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